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About Us

  • Under Hwy 99 is a biannual publication.
  • Our first issue has arrived! We are very excited to send it out into the world! Click here for a list of local Seattle shops where you can pick up a free copy.
  • After much elbow grease & a few slowdowns, we are happy to announce that our next issue is expected to go to print in early January!
  • Our magazine features an attractive 80 lb glossy color cover, and black and white 60 lb text paper inside. It also features original photos and/or works of art. Photographers can query by emailing: info@underhwy99.com
  • Individual issues will be available for purchase for $4.95 each + shipping & handling through PayPal or contact us at: info@underhwy99.com for information about payment by mail.
  • All proceeds go directly back into the costs of producing the magazine. Under Hwy 99 operates solely by the generous assistance of volunteers.